Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Times Educational Supplement - Ms Anne Thrope 26/4

Thank God Gove has finally addressed the issue of the skimpy school day.  As he rightly points out, it was tailored to suit the needs of previous generations who spent their holidays threshing corn, gathering sheaves, and poking the village SEN kid with sharp sticks. Gove is now looking to the East for clues on how to develop the talents of the 21st century learner. He’s lifted his catchy new educational philosophy directly from The Vapours’ 1980’s chart hit, “Turning Japanese,” a song with a reassuring ding-dong-the-witch-was-in-charge-then provenance. In a nutshell, his theory is that if we clap our kids in classroom leg irons for the same length of time as their Asian counterparts, when we get to the Countdown numbers round they will smash the opposition and dominate the world markets.   
This is of course bollocks. 

Anne Thrope (Ms) is a secondary teacher in the north of England.

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