Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TES - Ms Anne Thrope 1/10

TES - Ms Anne Thrope 17/9

TES - Michael Gove

Illustration for Times Educational Supplement on Michael Gove & his policies with regard to the coalition government cuts.

The Independent - Alternative New York

Cover for supplement in The Independent newspaper about alternative things to do while on vacation/holiday in New York.

TES - Ms Anne Thrope 10/9

TES - Ms Anne Thrope 3/9

THE - Opinion 19/8/10

TES - Ms Anne Thrope 27/8

TES - Inchworm Column

Sample images produced for potential new TES 'Inchworm' column, including Michael Gove illustration as Winston Churchill's boiler suit...which he can't quite fill.

TES Magazine - Ms Anne Thrope 20/8

TES - Ms Anne Thrope 13/8